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Car Wash Fundraiser

Hello Richmond Bulldogs!

Our annual car wash fundraiser has begun.   This year we would like to beat our goal of last year and earn a total of $27,000.00 in funds.  Below is the minimum requirement for all Richmond participants along with ways to opt out and incentives for selling more.  Fundraising window opens at your suit-up night.  The minimum fundraising amount is due by September 8th, 2018.  These funds have to be received in order to play in the first game.  Final cut off for the fundraiser is September 29, 2018.


Every Richmond Participant is required to sell $80 worth of tickets.  Tickets will be given out in packs of 10.  Each ticket has a value of $8.  Once you sell your first 10, come back in and pick up some more.  Or you can front the funding of additional 10 packs.

If you and your family chose to opt out you can pay $80 in lieu of selling tickets.

Want to be a super star?

If you and your family are motivated to sell more than the required $80 then we have some incentives to help you do so.

Dollar Amount Sold



Keep your Jersey and get your name on the back


Autographed Seahawks photograph


Night with 3 friends at Traxx


Seahawks (or NFL)Jersey of your choice


$200 gift card of your choice


Xbox One or PS4 game console.


Ways to Sell: 

You can sell car wash tickets by going to Grandma, Grandpa and the long lost cousins.  Find your favorite grocery store and set up outside (make sure to clear with management first).  Ask Mom and Dad to sell at work (make sure you thank them).  Go door to door in your neighborhood and sell to your neighbors (make sure to ask mom and dad first).

Richmond staff will keep everyone updated on a weekly basis.  Come to the Shack and see the leader board. 

Thank you for your participation.  Here is to an awesome 2018 Season.


The Bulldog Board