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Welcome Letter and FAQ's

Welcome to the Richmond Family! We are thrilled your son/daughter is participating and we look forward to a fantastic 2019 season!

What to expect this season:

Football Practices: Practice will be held five days a week starting August 5, 2019, from 5:30-7:30pm. Games will start on September 7th and the schedule will be posted on the Northwest Junior Football League  page, in the SportsEngine app as well as in your team’s Facebook group. You will receive more information once your son/daughter is assigned to a team.

Once September comes, practice will be held three days a week with a game every Saturday. As it gets darker, practices are moved to Meridian Park for the light. You will be notified before the change.

Cheer Practices: Cheer will practice three days a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, starting August 5th, 2019, from 5:30-7:30pm. Once September comes, practice will be held two days a week. A separate email with additional information will be sent prior to the beginning of the season. This is a tentative schedule, which may change before the start of the season.

Team Fee: A team fee is not required, but optional for coaches gifts.

Game Snacks/Apples: The team mom will make up a list and hand out the schedule so you know ahead of time when it will be your turn. You will be assigned to bring a snack, juice, or half-time apples. If you will not be able to bring your idem on your designated day, please find someone to change with or let your team mom know ASAP. Not all teams participate so make sure to check in with your coach.

End of Season Banquet: At the end of the season, AFTER each player has returned his uniform, we will have a Banquet for the kids and parents. This is when your child will receive his photos, yearbook, trophy and the coaches will receive their gifts. The date and place will be determined later in the season. This will be a league wide event and details will be forthcoming before the end of the season.

For easier access to your team, we use three main forms of communication. We have a Facebook page for all members and alumni of Richmond. Make sure to like the page for updates (sometimes quicker then emails) and cute pictures of cheerleaders and 76ers :) We also have private Facebook groups for each level of play.  Please find your team group on our Home Page.

Secondly, our online registration is linked to the SportsEngine app. Once your son/daughter is assigned to a team, you can your email into the app, their team will come up. Your coaches’ information is there, if you need to reach them.

Last, we try our best to send an email out every week to keep you updated with the league and anything you need to know. That is linked directly back to our personal email, so questions are typically answered quickly. You can also email us at

All equipment is loaned to your child during the season as part of the league fee. Players will be provided everything they need with the exception of shoes, mouth guard, cup and socks.
Shoes – Shoes must be a molded rubber cleat (no removable cleats). We do have some cleats in the uniform room, so if you are needing a pair.

Mouth guards – Mouth guards must have a strap that attaches to the face mask. They can be purchased at the RJF equipment room ($1.00 each) and are also available at all sporting goods stores. I suggest having at least three on hand. It is amazing how quickly the kids chew through them.

Cups – Cups can be purchased at sporting goods stores. A soft youth cup is typically more comfortable 
for younger players.

Socks – Socks are not part of the provided uniform and you will be required to purchase these separately. These will be worn on game days only. The color will be decided by your teams coach.

Please make sure that your son is fully suited for practice and games. If your son does not bring his helmet he will not be able to practice. All equipment must be returned at the end of the season before the banquet. Otherwise, your child will not receive his photos, yearbook or trophy.

Your child’s personalized jersey DOES NOT need to be returned.

Fundraising and Volunteers
Car Wash: The car wash is the biggest fundraising event and requires participation from all parents/players. Each player is responsible for selling $80 (10 tickets) worth of Car Wash Tickets. However, please don't stop at the $80. There are prizes your child can earn for selling tickets. If your child sells $160 worth of Car Wash tickets he will receive a personalized (last name) jersey that he can wear during the season and keep. In addition, the team that sells the most tickets, gets a team party!

My goal is to make enough money doing fundraisers, that I can eliminate registration fees and provide free camps.... We don't want your money, we NEED it to accomplish these goals.

The $80.00 minimum is due by September 7th. We encourage you to sell more though. The fundraiser ends on September 30th.

If your child turned in at least $160.00 worth of car wash money by Jamboree, they can get their name on their jersey for the first game. In order to do so, they will need to turn in their jersey to the concession stand right after their game at the Jamboree. There will be tape and a pen there so they can write how they would like it. Your child is allowed to put his/her name (first or last), but no nicknames. Questions, ask at concessions.

Auction: In the fall, an adult’s only auction is held. It’s a fun themed event and EVERYONE dresses up and enjoys dinner, drinks and dancing! Each team is asked to donate an auction basket, centered around a theme of your choice. In addition, if you have contacts for procuring items please start planting the seeds now. We will happily take donated items for the auction. This is an event you won’t want to miss!

Coaches Gifts: All of Richmond coaches are volunteers. They devote their time to our children and we like to show our gratitude, even if its a hand written card.

Jamboree: The Northwest Junior Football League Jamboree will be held August 24th @shoreline stadium. More information will be provided beforehand. Volunteers will be needed for the concession, apparel stands and clock.

Game Day Volunteers: We need a few parent volunteers to take on specific jobs for each game. If you know that you will miss a game, you will need to coordinate with another parent to do your job. If you can take on one of these positions, please let your team mom know.

• Videographer – record each game and send the footage to the coaches the following week.
• Photographer – take photos of our team at each game
• Home Game Score/Time Keeper – there will be a training session if you don’t know how to do this.
• Chain Gang – 3 people
• Concession Stands – work a shift before or after your child’s home game.

We are excited to start our season! Please let us know if there are any other questions you have.

Go Bulldogs!


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to play as part of a team?  Whatever level you play at, football can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength, and coordination.

Whether you are looking to play in our flag football league or play in our tackle football league, you'll find our organization to be a great place to learn new skills and meet new friends.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Richmond Junior Football and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Richmond Junior Football and support youth in your area.